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Stage 6 PDHPE

Community and family studies

Community and family studies Stage 6 aims to develop in each student an ability to manage resources and take action to support the needs of individuals, groups, families and communities in Australian society.

Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE)

The aim of PDHPE at Stage 6 is to develop in each student a capacity to think critically about key issues related to health and physical activity in order to make informed decisions that support and contribute to healthy, active lifestyles and communities.

Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) at Sydney Secondary College-Leichhardt Campus

PDHPE is a compulsory subject for all students enrolled in Years 7 to 10 at Sydney Secondary College-Leichhardt Campus. This means that students are expected to participate in every aspect of the subject, both theory and practical. Students who don't actively participate in PDHPE lessons run the risk of not receiving a Record of School Achievement in Year 10. 

We expect that for most of you, PDHPE will become one of you favourite subjects at high school; a subject that you will look forward to attending, participating in and learning in. It is one of the most relevant, meaningful and enjoyable subjects you will study in your time at high school.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) contributes significantly to the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of students. It provides opportunities for students to learn about, and practice ways of, adopting and maintaining a healthy, productive and active life. It also involves students learning through movement experiences that are both challenging and enjoyable, and improving their capacity to move with skill and confidence in a variety of contexts. It promotes the value of physical activity in your lives.

PDHPE provides the opportunity for young people to explore issues that are likely to impact on the health and wellbeing of themselves and others, now and in the future. The issues that affect young people include physical activity, mental health, drug use, sexual health, nutrition, supportive relationships, personal safety, gender roles and discrimination. Health issues that have the potential to appear in later life are also relevant due to their relationship to lifestyle patterns established in adolescent years and the possibility that they may impact on family and other significant adults in students' lives.

During Year 7 and 8, students will attend 5 periods of PDHPE a fortnight, in Year 9 it will be 6 periods and in Year 10 it will be 4 periods a fortnight. Each period will run for approximately 50 minutes. Some units of work will be theory related; others will be practical related; and some will be a combination of both, that is, what you are learning in theory is directly related to what you are learning in practical lessons. Students will receive homework in all the years with at least one significant assessment per semester to be completed. An assessment (7-10 PDHPE Assessments (PDF 84KB)) schedule has been included to support students and their families to be organised throughout the year.

Finally, PDHPE is not Sport, Sport is completely separate from PDHPE and is done on a weekly basis at SSCL. Students who really enjoy PDHPE will have the opportunity to study PDHPE electives in Year 9 and 10, such as Physical Activity and Sports Studies, Child Studies and again in Years 11 and 12, with Senior PDHPE, Community and Family Studies and Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation.

Our friendly PDHPE staff will run lunch time sport competitions, knockout sporting competitions and the Talented Athletes Program (TAP). If you wish to participate in any of these activities ask a PDHPE staff member.

Our PDHPE staff 

  • Vince O'Donnell - HT PDHPE
  • Sally Bury - HT Administration and Sports Organiser
  • Lawrence Furlong - Year 7 Adviser
  • Liz Jones - SRC and Talented Athletes Program (TAP) Co-ordinator
  • Scott Keough - Talented Athletes Program (TAP) Co-ordinator
  • Janine Ahie - PDHPE and Support unit teacher.