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School Chaplain

School Chaplaincy Service

Leichhardt Campus employs a School Chaplain, Jeffrey Hockey, for seven hours a week (Wednesdays), paid for by a grant from Generate Ministeries through the School Chaplaincy Programme.

Aim and overview of the Chaplaincy Service

The Chaplaincy Service seeks to provide effective support for the spiritual, social and emotional well-being of students, staff and the wider school community, regardless of faith or beliefs.

The Chaplaincy Service:

  • Assists the principal and welfare staff in the delivery of student welfare services
  • Provides students, their families and staff with support when facing personal and emotional challenges
  • Complements the care offered by other welfare staff and agencies

The decision to establish a chaplaincy service was taken by the Principal of the school after consultation with the school staff and parents through the Parents and Citizens Association in 2011.

A voluntary service

Accessing the The Chaplaincy service is voluntary and members of the school community do not have to participate in this service. If you do not wish your child to participate in any activity or service offered through the Chaplaincy please contact the school office. Students whose parents or guardians have chosen not to participate in the service will be noted on the register established for this purpose.

How to contact the Chaplaincy Service

To contact the Chaplain, to make an appointment or to request assistance, please use the following contact details:

Email: or

Phone: 02 9560 2355

Or, complete a Chaplaincy Assistance Request form available from the Head Teacher Welfare or the Front Office. The qualifications of the chaplain and the kind of assistance provided are outlined on the request forms.

Questions / suggestions / complaints

If you have a question, suggestion or complaint regarding an incident or pattern of behaviour by the Chaplain, please address it in writing to the school principal, Melinda Bright. All matters brought to the attention of the principal will be handled in accordance with the Chaplaincy Complaints and Grievances Policy.