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Current issue

15 Sep 2023

I was thrilled to watch the opening night of the school production "The Addams Family" on Wednesday 13 September. I was so proud of the quality of the production and the students enthralling performances. The support has been amazing with a large ensemble cast and support crew from a students. I want to thank the staff and students whose hard work

Back issues

25 Aug 2023

We have had a busy term with many activities, excursions and experiences which enhance student learning. The recent Year 7 camp on the central coast was a great opportunity for all Year 7 students to experience a range of outdoor education activities with their peers. My thanks to the enthusiastic and committed teaching and support staff who attend

04 Aug 2023

By now you should have received your child’s NAPLAN 2023 individual student report. From 2023, the Individual student report will look different to previous years. One significant change is that NAPLAN results are now reported against proficiency standards, with student achievement shown against 4 levels of proficiency: Exceeding, Strong, Developin

30 Jun 2023

As Term 2 draws to a close I would like to reflect on the many activities that have been highlights at Leichhardt campus throughout this term. I would like to thank the dedicated teachers who bring learning to life for students through a vast range of activities, incursions and excursions.

16 Jun 2023

Teachers are working hard to establish and maintain optimum classroom conditions to maximise teaching and learning time. The Classroom Routines continue to reinforce consistent messaging to students and give teachers and students a common language to talk about positive classroom environments.

02 Jun 2023

The theme for Reconciliation week this year is Be A Voice for Generations. Change begins with our own actions, in what we do every day. In education, we are privileged to work with many inspiring young people in our school who will be agents of change in the future. As educators we have a significant role to play in building individual and collecti