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About our College


Sydney Secondary College, with campuses at Balmain, Leichhardt and Blackwattle Bay, is an innovative multi-campus public education facility. The college caters for all learners with an academically selective stream, comprehensive stream and support classes for students with disabilities (Intellectual, Physical and Autism).

The diversity of students from a multiplicity of cultural backgrounds creates the opportunity for real life learning and authentic experiences.

Located in the inner city, with two harbour side locations, students complete Year 7 - 10 education at Balmain or Leichhardt where the focus is on middle schooling. They move to the young adult learning environment of Blackwattle Bay campus for Years 11 - 12 with its broad curriculum and links to TAFE and universities.

Our 7-10 campuses at Balmain and Leichhardt specialise in middle school education. They feature academically selective, enrichment and mainstream options.  

Students will experience a wide curriculum at both of our junior campuses which focuses on providing a modern and stimulating learning environment with future focussed learning and teaching programs.

Elective subjects: Students choose from French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, a variety of Technology Courses including iSTEM, Australian History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Photography, Ceramics, Dance, Drama, Textiles and Design, Visual Arts, Music, Food Technology, Industrial Technology: Wood and Metal, Jewellery Making,  Physical Education, Aboriginal Studies, Work Education, Graphics Technology, Commerce, International studies, Big Picture/Accord and Life Skills courses.

College co-curricular: A supportive and enthusiastic student cohort involves themselves in many co-curricular activities including, Talented Athlete Program,  Debating, Peer Mentoring,  camps for each year, SRC,Theatresports, Art Club, Writers Club, Music Ensembles, Choir, Social Inc, Volunteering Programs, Duke of Edinburugh, Environmental Group, Photography club, visits by international students, breakfast club, Topfest film competition, Mathematics, Breakfast club, homework centre; Science, English, Maths, Computing competitions.

Instrumental Music Program: The IMP is an outstanding parent and College run program that brings students together from all three campuses to make music. There is an annual camp, plus tours, competitions and performances. Over 250 students participate in this excellent program. There are eight musical ensembles.

Sports: The College offers grade competition with other schools and recreational sport in summer and winter seasons. Among sports available are Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Hockey, Touch Football, Rugby Union, Rugby League, and Badminton, Wheelchair sports, riding for the Disabled, Netball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Dance, Cricket, Cycling, Table Tennis, Fencing, Weight Training, Gymnastics, Kayaking, Ice Skating and Basketball. The College enjoys considerable success in State knockout competition.

Technology facilities: Sydney Secondary College is BYOD and also has high end technology equipment for students to use for creation, prodution and editing purposes. STEAM courses are available across the college.

Student wellbeing: Our welfare system recognises and rewards student achievements and contributions. It provides support structures that progressively assist students in developing responsibility for self-discipline. All campuses have introduced Positive Behaviour for Learning.

We raise student and staff esteem by developing quality teaching and professional consistency. Specialist Head Teachers ensure that supportive welfare and learning teams, mentoring programs and counselors provide specialist support for all students. Our College student wellbeing team meets fortnightly.