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Stage 4 Drama 

2021 teachers: A. Boerma, G. Guild, G. Thorne and L. Pyman


Students in year 7 study drama as an elective with one lesson per week. It is a predominately practical performance skill-based subject where students are able to explore and develop their creativity in a collaborative learning space. In year 7, students are provided the opportunity to learn about the different forms, techniques and conventions of drama as well as reflect on their understanding and their skill progression.

Topics covered in stage 4 drama:

·         Mime

·         Radio drama

·         Melodrama

·         Playbuilding/scripted drama



Stage 5 Drama 


2021 teachers: A. Boerma, G. Guild

Drama is an elective in yr 9 and 10.  Students continue their exploration of dramatic forms, performance styles and theatrical techniques and conventions though the process of making, performing and appreciating drama.

Students continue to explore their creativity through a variety of collaborative and individual performances as well as taking an in-depth look at how drama reflects context, creates meaning and impacts an audience through studying a number of styles, forms and practitioners.

Topics covered in stage 5 drama:

·         Styles of theatre

·         Commedia Del’Arte

·         Elements of production (technical)

·         Australian Theatre

·         Political Theatre

·         Realism/monologue

·         Elements of production (performance)

·         Practitioner study

·         Playbuilding


Drama is a performance-based subject supported by the making and appreciating skills development giving students a deepened experience which will also provide them with a relevant and rigorous connection to the Stage 6 drama syllabus. 


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