Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus

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Wellbeing team

Our wellbeing team to support students and parents

Principal- Mr Vince O'Donnell relieving

Deputy Principal year 7 and 8- Mr David Springbett relieving

Deputy Principal year 9 and 10- Mrs Sally Bury relieving

Head Teacher Wellbeing- Ms Janine Ahie relieving

Head Teacher Learning and Enhancement- Ms Cher Ellis acting

Counsellors- Ms Christie Kennny, Ms Andrea Smith

Year 7 advisors- Mr Matthew Harris, Mr Aron Lawford

Year 8 advisors- Ms Leanne Jamieson, Mr Dominic Tintner

Year 9 advisors- Ms Kasy Kacz, Ms Jennifer Duncan

Year 10 advisors- Mr Chris Matos, Ms Teagan Cairns

Girls advisor- Ms Alison Galloway

Boys advisor- Mr Will Murton

EAL/D and International students - Ms Nikola Anderson

Careers advisor- Mr Brendon Bearman relieving