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Stage 4 Music 


-          2021 teachers: M. Salerno, D. Chigwidden C. Paredes, G. Guild


Music is a performance-based subject focusing on student enjoyment and success through classroom performance.  

In Year students are Introduced to Music and the environment, How Sound is produced and its qualities. The key elements of Rhythm and Notation through to the instruments of the orchestra and then Music for Film, Television and Advertising. Learning skills through Performing, composing and listening. 

Performance Skills include singing and; 

Year 7 students learn to play and perform on the drums and keyboard. 

Year 8 students further develop their performance skills learning to play the guitar, then rock band. 

Year 8 students use their playing skills studying the music of other cultures and finally the history of Rock music from blues and Jazz to popular music today. 


Stage 5 Music


-          2021 teachers: M. Salerno, D. Chigwidden C. Paredes


Students are expected to be proficient in at least one instrument in order to participate in the performance aspect of this course. Skills developed through their instrument knowledge in Performing, composing and listening activities. 

Year 9 takes a practical approach to the study of the “Classics from Baroque to Ballet and stage” music, analysing, reading scores, composing variations, and performing solo and ensemble works. 

Year 10 allows students to study Australian music from Folk to contemporary indigenous, then on to the Film music topic analysing the purpose and characteristics to successfully support the visual screen. Composition is a focus of development here with the use of Muscore for transcription and playback. The final semester of this course is performance and ensemble based with a popular music topic tailored to the individual group and its particular stylistic influences. 

Music is a performance-based subject supported by the aural and composition skills development giving students an enriched experience which will also confidently prepare them for further study in Stage 6. 


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